Wednesday, December 31, 2014

With great appreciation, we thank you...

As 2014 comes to a close we want to share our heartfelt thanks to those who have supported us throughout the year.

This is a list of some of those people...

Jody Alexander
Jessica Anderson
Jeff Baker
Colleen Bell
Brooke Benson
Kris Beuch
Chloe Britzius
Rachel Chrastil
Jessica Flannigan
Christina Gehring
Josh Gerrity
Sharon Gerrity
Becky Gulstad
Meghan Heffner
Robert Hofmann
Lisa Jost
Whitney Kontaxakis
Cara Kreuziger
Marla Kuchler
Susan Lane
Amy Langenfeld
Rand Levy
Hope Lien
Mardag Foundation
Lauren Marsh
Sandy McCaul
Kristin McCarthy
Megan Olson
Kathryn & Patrick Orr
Debby Prudhomme
Gloria Quiroga
Christine Rintoul
Dr. Rebecca Shlafer
Nora Smyth
Pamela Smyth
Kristen Tea
Michelle Thomas
Lori Timlin
Melissa Toavs
University of Minnesota 
Trish Welte
Clare Welter
Mary Williams
Women's Foundation
Evelyn Yaeggy
Crystal Yakacki

Cheers to 2015, 

Erica Gerrity, Project Director & Rae Baker, Project Coordinator 

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