Saturday, December 12, 2015

Vote for us on Project for Awesome between now and Sunday at 11am!!

What is the Project for Awesome? 
The Project for Awesome is a yearly online fundraiser for non-profits across the world. For 48 hours, people share and vote on their favorite videos, and donate to the project, and at the end, the top voted charities get a portion of the proceeds. That's where you come in!
How can I help? 
Go to the Project for Awesome website to watch and vote for the Prison Doula Project video by clicking the "vote" button next to the video before Sunday morning December 13th. That's it! It's easy! Then share the video with all of your networks and ask people to vote for the video on the Project for Awesome website. If the MN Prison Doula Project gets enough votes, we could get a portion of all the money raised, so this is an exciting fundraising opportunity that requires only the click of a button! WATCH, VOTE, SHARE! 
Where can I donate?
You can also support the MN Prison Doula Project directly by donating at this link.
Thanks for your support!
The MN Prison Doula Project Team

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